Foto: Grasslands - 2023 Update



Custom Spline Based River Tool

Custom Floating Foliage Shader

RTVT & Landscape painting

Custom Leaf Shader - Converts Faces Into Billboards

Foliage LODing

Landscape Chunk Bake & LODs

Landscape Chunk Bake & LODs

Very excited to share the continued development of the environments in Foto! the team and I were given the opportunity to showcase our game at the powerhouse late: gaming exhibition. we excitedly spent the next few months polishing the game up to show off, this included porting the game from unreal 4.27 to unreal 5.1

As our team's technical and environment artist, I was responsible for optimizing the scene's performance, as well as all of the environment art in this post, with the exception of the lovely decorative foliage assets, which had their textures and meshes produced by my very talented team mate and friend Kieran Osvald ( ) who also produced all of the character models and textures for the game, thankyou for all of your hard work and passion throughout this project. and thankyou to all of my other teams mates;
Antonio Kovacevic:
Hamish Redpath:
Cosmo Gelzinnis: