Shipping Container [Payday Style]

UE4 Animation Playback

HSL setup, allowing for multiple coloured versions of the container, while only using one (1) set of textures.

Master material (shader) setup for HSL, including a HSL mask allowing to make certain parts of the texture un effected.

UE4 Player Perspective

Model Rigged In Autodesk Maya

Modular Model & Bake

Modular Model & Bake

Decals, using these inside of my prefab, I was able to add logs to the side on my container, independent of it's overlapping UVs. this also meant only importing a small logo texture, rather than a whole extra texture set for a container with logo

Prefabs, every single asset in this scene is stored in an actor blueprint, allowing to easily make changes to all objects in the scene, and for using multiple components in one object.

UE4 Render


This Shipping container was produced as part of a fan made recreation of the "shadow raid" level from payday 2. using a mixture of traditional modelling and texturing skills, as well as a variety of engine skills to help improve performance without sacrificing quality (sometimes improving it) using custom shader setups such as a HSL system, allowing for the creation of many different colours of container, while only using 1 set of textures. all bought together and displayed in unreal engine (the engine being used in the new payday 3 game).

modelled and rigged in autodesk maya, baked in marmoset marmoset toolbag, textures in adobe substance painter and photoshop.